Meet Stephanie
The Healthy Soul LogoI Believe…

  • That you can start over at any time.
  • That moving your body is good for the soul.
  • Eating healthy can be easy & quick.
  • That happiness lies within.
  • We become our thoughts so choose them wisely.
  • This will be an amazing year!

As a health + wellness coach, I love being the source of positive change. I want to help people find what works for them to feel balanced, happy when they look in the mirror, excited to move their bodies and love who they are.

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The Healthy Soul LogoBut believe me I haven’t always felt that way about myself

For many years I was on a path of being over-scheduled, grabbing food that was easy and convenient with no regard to its nutritional value. I would torture myself at the gym for hours and was drinking way too much wine and coffee. My cravings for sugar were through the roof and I would promise myself everyday to do it differently “tomorrow”. Meanwhile I was tearing myself down in my head every chance I got (can you relate?).

The Healthy Soul LogoThat all changed March of 2011

I decided to make it my mission to find out what healthy eating and living looks like. I attended the world’s leading nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in New York and finally learned that being healthy doesn’t have to be about deprivation or boredom. I became a certified health coach and never looked back.
I want YOU to know what it feels like to love your body (in all it’s imperfections), to experience the feeling of taking care of yourself and having the energy to live your life.
And that’s why I do the work that I do.
You can learn more about my approach and programs on the Work with Me page.
Wherever you are in the world — and wherever you are in your fitness & lifestyle adventure —Know that I’ve been there and wishing you the courage to take the next baby-step.

The Healthy Soul LogoA couple secrets (shhh):
  • I eat almond butter just about every day.
  • I lust over Lululemon clothes — and basically live in workout gear.
  • I owned by own women’s boutique for 17 years and I was pretty darn good at it.
  • I make my own almond milk, hummus and granola — from scratch. My friends who have known me for years can’t believe it. I just made cooking at home a priority. Simple as that.
  • At the age of 42 I entered two bodybuilding contests just to prove that you are never to old to be in the best shape of your life. Now it’s off my bucket list.

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You don’t need to know, you can book a FREE 15 min health session with me to talk about your health concerns, your goals and see what I am all about.
You have nothing to lose.
A health coach not only focuses on what you need to eat but how, when and why you eat it. Together we focus on your food but also what I call your “primary food”- your relationships, spirituality, career and physical activity. When your primary food is out of whack, we look to secondary food (cookies, ice cream, chips) to fill the void. Sound familiar? With a health coach you get a food guru, nutritionist, personal trainer and life coach all rolled into one.
What’s better than that?
Read stories from my fabulous and raving clients HERE. If you want to know more about my journey order my book “The Healthy Soul”. It’s an easy read with tips and suggestions of how to stay healthy mind, body, and SOUL.
I have a variety of programs to choose from, please go to Work with Me to see what best suits you.