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Stephanie has been an inspiration in my life for 15 years and I adore her! Her energy is contagious and I looked forward to every opportunity to meet with her because she is energy, light and fun! Her infectious ability to make cooking, exercise and work simple, efficient, affective and engaging is all part of what I love about her! She is present, powerful, generous and kind. If you need to turn your life around she is the perfect guide for the journey, in so many ways!

~ Paige Boren

Stephanie embodies passion and enthusiasm into her philosophy of health and well being. Having worked professionally with her for 8 years I know she gives 110% of herself to whatever she is doing, personally and in her business.
Through her precise guidance, I cannot think of anyone I would rather have walking with me and challenging me on my journey to wellness.

~ Janet Davis

Stephanie is like a motivational/inspirational vitamin that you want to take every day! She makes me realize that even small tweaks in my grocery shopping and meal planning can make a BIG difference and that baby steps is all it takes to live a cleaner life.

~ Shannon Dierickx

Over the last two years, Stephanie has helped me make a gradual “shift” in the way I eat. She has introduced me to more nutritious food and really educated me on healthier options. She’s suggested amazing books, recipes and appliances, which make it all easier, and more delicious. For once, it is not a “diet.” It is merely a lifestyle shift and one that is sustainable because the food tastes good, really good. The best part is that I’ve been able to share this information with my husband and four children. Believe it or not, the kids actually BEG for baked kale. We all love and appreciate Stephanie’s openness, energy and general concern for the entire family!

~ Sarah Spoor

I came to Stephanie fresh out of high school scared out of my wits and at a terrifying crossroad in life. I was purely focused on my next move and was initially seeking clarity on what that next move should be. During my time with Stephanie I learned how to plan out realistic goals that I could easily accomplish between sessions. She helped me realize that I was very productive even at a “standstill” and I have no reasons to be afraid of what lies ahead. She taught me balance and how to recognize my accomplishments, two things I always struggled with and two things that are majorly important to living a healthy, full life. My time with her has given me a solid platform to build upon for a physically, emotionally and healthy lifestyle ahead.!

~ Madi Williamson

I recently moved to BI and realized I needed help balancing motherhood and my career. Upon my first meeting with Stephanie it became clear that there were other areas in my life that needed to be tweaked. Stephanie helped me create balance as well as identify additional areas and create a plan that works for me and more importantly is sustainable. She’s one of the most down to earth people I know and it’s obvious her passion is helping others live more fulfilled, healthy and happier lives. My favorite take away from my journey with Stephanie is her helping me reflect weekly on all the good things/weekly accomplishments that I tended to forget. Thank you Stephanie for inspiring me to be healthier and have more balance in my life!

~ Stephanie Reese

The first time I met with Stephanie, we discussed my goals. I wanted to be more knowledgeable with regard to being healthier, i.e., to make better food choices, to get an education on reading labels and above all to work on my various addictions. We did a grocery store tour that was very helpful. Our sessions were terrific–always stressing to be forgiving, gentle and kind to myself. I have tried new and different foods, have cut down on dairy products, eat less protein, drink my green drink, work on my sugar addiction with more and more knowledge and compassion, and continue to work on better eating habits. A work in progress!!!! Stephanie gave me some valuable tools in order to continue this work. I find myself integrating them into my life daily. Stephanie is incredibly supportive, kind and lots of fun!! I recommend her without qualification!

~ Sue Caps

I had the privilege of working with Stephanie for 6 months.  The first session we did went so well, I signed up for another.  Before we started working together I really had too many irons in the fire and way to much stress.  We talked about priorities, relationships, food and exercise.  There are highlights that have made such a huge difference.  First there are no quick fixes with Stephanie.  She very much wants to see solid long term changes and I value that a lot.  Sometimes it was frustrating when I wanted to see more results quicker (weight loss) but I know it is a lot of little changes that will make a difference. Something as easy as adding greens to my morning smoothies or doing a food journal to see exactly what I was eating was a huge benefit. She also kept track of weekly wins. At the end of each 12-week session she shared them with me. That was helpful because the accumulation was a helpful reminder to just how much I was doing. Another highlight was she helped me evaluate just what I wanted to be doing with work. I had two spas and was working on an online store. One of the spas really wasn’t making a lot of profit but I felt obligated to keep it open for the employees. The stress of that had been wearing on me for years and was really getting to a breaking point. One of the things Stephanie said that made a huge impact on my decision to close that spa was, “Jessica, we sacrifice for our children, not other adults”. A little light bulb went off…I did close that spa and it was such a huge burden lifted. I have so much less stress now. My renewed energy to pursue things that give life and energy-rather than sucking the life out of me is really a gift. Thank you so much Stephanie for a healthier soul!!

~ Jesse Cox

I started working with Stephanie Jackson and her Healthy Soul project six months ago. A need to eat and live smarter combined with a deep skepticism that there were food options that I both liked and were good for me, are what attracted me to Stephanie’s consultancy in the first place. I came away with more than I expected. I gained awareness and an understanding about nutrition, both the good stuff and the bad, where to find it and how to stay away from it. She worked hard to personalize the approach to my health and fitness based on my pre-existing habits – a walk before I run approach. She challenged me to start, and always applauded my successes, especially when they were difficult for me to see. Her strategy has been to get me on the right path, and reminding me that going forward, even with small steps, is better than standing still.
Today, I eat better, exercise more and pursue happiness proactively. I can’t report miracles. I can report confidence that I have been put on a path to a more healthful and soulful life. I now have access to a mentor that I know to reach out to for guidance when I make a wrong turn or meet a fork in the road. The results are not measured by today, but rather by a steady journey of improvement and knowing how to get there… or at least who to call when I’m not sure.
Stephanie, thank you for what you do. I am glad we met.

~ Bill Ackerley

Before working with Stephanie my goals were to eat better, improve my grades and have a more positive mindset. Stephanie was able to help me by showing me what were the best foods to eat for my lifestyle, how to order healthy food when dining out and keep me accountable on keeping my promises to myself.
The biggest changes I have noticed since beginning the program with Stephanie is my increase in motivation and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. She has helped me grow as a person in a very short period of time. I think she is caring, understanding and very motivating. I would recommend her to really anyone.

~ Julia, 15 Student

I began working with Stephanie at a time that I was reeling from great upheaval and loss in my life. I was fearful and unsure of myself. The coaching sessions assisted me in creating a new foundation for myself based on self-compassion and trust that I will find new purpose and meaning in my life.

~ Nancy Davis