Juicing vs. Smoothies

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Juicing vs. Smoothies

It’s springtime and one of the things I love about this season is cleaning things out and starting fresh. One way I do this for my body is by juicing and having smoothies, which allows my digestion system to have a break. 

Did you know that digestion is the most energy consuming function of the body? It takes more energy than running, swimming, or bike riding.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is

“What is better for me-juices or smoothies?”

First if you are doing either one of these…. you are on a terrific healthy path.

There are some differences between the two and I will breakdown the benefits of both. 


  • Absorb quickly into the bloodstream because they are free of pulp and fiber and instantly give you an energy infusion.
  • You can drink a lot more vegetables and fruit then you can get in a smoothie.
  • A short-term juice “fast” can increase your vitality, improve brain function, and flush out toxins.


  • Are higher in fiber because you get all the ingredients of the fruits and veggies.
  • Slower in sugar release because you have more protein (nuts or protein powders, for example) which lowers the glycemic index of your drink and you can absorb nutrients more slowly.
  • They are more rich and filling like a “meal” because you can load them up with yummy things like chia seeds, avocados and more.


The bottom line:

Do what works best for you (and your schedule). Including liquid nutrition, in whatever form, will change your life.

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